Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vivo Unprotected Palette. Looks pretty Naked to me.

I bought this palette because I am obsessed with neutral colours, and didn't even realise the similarity of this palette to the Urban Decay Naked palette! In hindsight, the palette is called 'Unprotected' and that should have been a big hint.

I have been very impressed by the Vivo products and feel like they are a high competitor for MUA, because they both give great products for great prices. This palette is priced at £3.99, which is a complete steal! If you are unwilling to fork out for the Urban Decay Naked palette I do think this is a good alternative.

MUA has a palette similar to the Naked palette as well, however I would argue that this palette is the better option. They are both priced at £4.00, but the Vivo palette is much sturdier than the MUA palette, and in my opinion looks like it is worth a lot more than £4.00. This palette also doesn't contain a lot of wasted space, it may look a bit bulky but you get a lot of product for your buck.

This palette obviously isn't exactly the same as the Naked palette, but you do get what you pay for. The Naked palette is highly pigmented where, with the Vivo palette you will find that some shades need building up. Regardless of whether you want to buy this as an alternative to the Naked palette or not, this is a fantastic neutral palette, and is ideal if you don't want to break the bank on good products.

Have you tried this palette? Would you consider purchasing it instead of the Naked palette?

- Allie


  1. I would definitely consider purchasing this! £4, wayhey! Can't complain about the price at all. I've never herd about vivo until now. I will definitely check them out :) the palette looks lovely! x

  2. You should definitely go have a look at their website! Or you can pick them up in Tesco too :)

    - Allie x

  3. I saw this palette in my local Tesco and was so tempted to get it, the colours look gorgeous Xx


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