Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Idea - The Midnight Manicure

This is one of the various gift sets that boots brings just in time for Christmas. If you haven't checked these various gift sets out yet, you really have to! You will no doubt find something ideal for Christmas (especially if you are stilling buying Christmas gifts, like me) and a little something for yourself too. And on top of that, boots have a 3 for 2 deal on all Christmas gifts too, amazing!

This set of nail polishes from Fearne Cotton is an amazing gift. It contains 6 unique nail polish colours, with a mix of 3 solid colours and 3 colours containing glitter/shimmer. Such a good mix! It also works out at only £2 per nail polish, which if you have been buying nail polishes recently, you will know is a pretty great price.

I haven't tried on all the colours yet, but of the ones I have tried I've found that the polish dries quickly and sets hard. Which is all you really need from a nail polish! It also only takes 2 coats until you reach opaqueness, even on the extremely dark colours.

The bottles are also pretty cute, with the gold handle and thick glass bottle. It makes the polishes feel more expensive than they really are. One thing that annoys me however, is the fact that the nail polishes don't have shade names! I always prefer when companies name the various colours, but it is hardly a deal breaker.

I think this gift is ideal if you know somebody who is obsessed with painting their nails, or maybe a younger teen who is exploring all things beauty related. I would be extremely excited to receive this as a gift, and in fact I actually bought this set for myself as a cheeky pre-Christmas present!

Has anybody else tried out this set? Know anybody who would enjoy getting these nail polishes for Christmas?

- Allie 


  1. All the colours look lovely, perfect for creating some festive nails Xx

  2. I have these polishes and l love them! I have the other set too. Love all the colours!

    They do have shade names, they're on the back :)


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